Fall 2015
See you in September

Notice about Fall Registration:

Now until early August, all of Fine Arts (FINA) courses will be restricted to new and returning FINA students. If you are a FINA student and have yet to register for your courses, please do so by July 31, 2015. Registration continues until the end of the first week of classes, however, FINA courses with seats available will open to Arts and Science students in early August.


Program restrictions are lifted in early August for FINA courses with available seats, so anyone can take them as long as English Requirements are met. See our list of courses on the Program Curriculum page.

We would love to meet you! Come visit us at our OPEN HOUSES

Open houses for students interested in the Fine Arts program start in November 2015. You can come and meet some faculty, tour the studios and see some examples of the types of art and projects that you can pursue here. More to be posted here and on our Facebook page soon!

Interested in applying to the Fine Arts program? We are now accepting students for Spring (January) 2016 and Summer (May) 2016. Applications for Fall 2016 start on October 1, 2015.

Please contact the Chair with any questions:

Milos Campell
(604) 323-5705

The Fine Arts Diploma Program at Langara College is an intense study of visual arts and design, providing students with a wide set of studio skills, as well as the opportunity to specialize in one or more of the studio disciplines.

The program is committed to promoting self-awareness and personal growth in art and design. Faculty include practicing artists and designers who are experts in their areas as well as dedicated educators.

The full-time program involves approximately 20-24 hours of studio classes each week, as well as course work in English and Art History. Students should expect to commit the same amount of time each week to research, project completion and course reading requirements. The program may also be completed through part-time study.

The studio component is offered during the Fall and Spring Semesters and select Fine Arts Studio, Art History and English courses are now available in the summer semester.

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