How to Post a Co-op Job

The Co-op Hiring Process begins wtih posting jobs in the academic term preceding the work term. For instance, if you want the co-op student to begin work in September, we should receive your job description in the May – August term. To access the largest pool of students, post early in the term.

  • We use Co-op & Career Connector (C3) system to manage our co-op job opportunities.
  • For the personal touch, we'll do it for you. E-mail your job posting to There is no charge to post a job opportunity.
  • On the posting’s closing day, we collect applications from interested co-op students and e-mail them to you.
  • You review applicant resumes and develop a short list for interviews. Call the Co-op Education Instructor to set up a mutually convenient time, day and place to conduct interviews. We will let the students know when they are scheduled to meet you. Interviews can be conducted at the employer's business, on campus or by telephone.
  • You decide who you want to hire and notify the Co-op Education Instructor. Placement is completed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Employers are not obligated to hire anyone if candidates do not meet company needs; conversely, employers are free to hire multiple students if they have the opportunities.

Employer Responsibilities

Success in co-operative education depends upon the three-way partnership between the employer, the student and the College. As an employer, we ask you to:

  • Provide the College with an accurate, informative job description
  • Review resumes and select candidates to be interviewed
  • Interview selected students on campus or at your work site
  • After hiring a student, send him or her a letter outlining the work term offer including start- and end-dates, hours of work, location, supervisor’s name and rate of pay
  • Honour the term of the work contract. However, if a student is terminated before the end of a semester for any reason, notify the co-op office immediately
  • Comply with all provincial and federal employment legislation

Once the student has joined your organization:

  • Provide the incoming student with an orientation to familiarize him or her with the employer's situation and expectations
  • Provide productive learning opportunities related to the student’s specialty
  • Provide ongoing supervision to the student
  • If the student stays or returns to your organization for successive work terms, provide him or her with increasing responsibilities
  • Participate in a mid-term work site visit conducted by the Co-op Education Instructor
  • At the end of each four-month work term, complete a student evaluation form and review the results with the student

To enhance the student's job performance and optimize learning, it is recommended that employers involve the student in frequent feedback. Employers are asked to complete a final evaluation and then return the evaluation to Langara College, where it becomes part of the student's record.

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